Information for Suppliers

Harley & Son values our relationships with our suppliers and partners, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all our business dealings. To facilitate efficient and transparent communication with our suppliers, you can download essential documents such as our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, Vendor Quality Requirements, and ACH Payment Enrollment Form.

Our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions outline the terms and conditions that govern all purchase orders issued by Harley & Son, including payment and delivery requirements, product specifications, and quality standards. By downloading this document, you can ensure that you are fully aware of our expectations and that you are in compliance with our purchasing policies.

Our Vendor Quality Requirements provide detailed information on the quality standards that we require from our suppliers. These requirements cover areas such as product quality, inspection procedures, and corrective action processes, and are designed to ensure that our suppliers consistently provide us with high-quality products and services that meet our strict quality standards.

Finally, our ACH Payment Enrollment Form enables our suppliers to enroll in our automated clearinghouse (ACH) payment program. This program is designed to streamline the payment process, reduce administrative costs, and improve payment security. By enrolling in this program, our suppliers can enjoy the benefits of faster, more secure, and more efficient payment processing.