Harley & Son is dedicated to providing top-tier assembly services tailored to the high-tech manufacturing sector. Our experienced team specializes in constructing complex assemblies that integrate custom machined parts, precision sheet metal components, and a variety of off-the-shelf hardware. This diverse capability ensures that we can meet a broad range of assembly requirements with precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive Capabilities
Our assembly services include:

  • Custom Machined and Sheet Metal Parts: Core components manufactured by Harley & Son to ensure optimal fit and function.
  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf Hardware Integration: Utilizing high-quality rivets, nut plates, threaded inserts, studs, clinch nuts, standoffs, screws and nuts to enhance the functionality and durability of assemblies.
  • Advanced Assembly Techniques: From press fit assemblies and welding to precise riveting, every technique is executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Quality and Precision

We understand the critical importance of precision in assembly. By employing the latest technologies and stringent processes, we ensure that each component is assembled to the highest standards. Our rigorous quality controls and thorough attention to detail guarantee that every assembly is not just built but crafted to meet exacting specifications. No matter the complexity of the assembly or the simplicity of the bracket, Harley & Son delivers consistently high-quality results.

Your Partner in Innovation

At Harley & Son, we’re more than just manufacturers; we are partners in your innovation. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver complete, ready-to-use assemblies that align perfectly with your specifications. Whether your project serves the aerospace, defense, medical device, or another advanced industry, we are here to support your ambitions.

Connect With Us

To discover more about our assembly services or to discuss your specific project needs, contact us today. Let Harley & Son help you turn your innovative ideas into tangible solutions.